CNC factory

We can manufacture any item from aluminum, steel, nonferrous metals, various composites, plastics or wood from 1 pieces and small series. Parts can be sandblasting, tumbling, varnish or polymer paint and aluminium anodizing in various colors. Use or your own material.

Work will start from a sketch, picture, drawing, natural model or 3D model.

Your ideas, tasks, sketches and drawings to be sent to the address, tell on phone +7 925 451-47-62 or come to our office: Milyutinskiy pereulok, 8c1

Preliminary cost and the deadlines are determined after the task and performance evaluation. Final payment after compiling the control program for the machine, when we find sites of processing time.

For your convenience roughly estimate the value of the parameters:
Machine-hour – 30 USD;
Standard hour – 20 USD;
Cut meter depending on the thickness and material – from 2 USD.

It also provides discounts for series.

A more detailed description of the capacity to process materials you can find in section "Park of machines".

CNC mill
Working field 380×740 mm, Z-height 150 mm
Non-ferrous metals, composites, plastics.
Frequency 0.03 mm

Milling machine
Max. milling diameter end mills 20 mm
Max. diameter of the milling cutter end 63 mm
Spindle stroke 50 mm
Move the head spindle 280 mm
Rotation of the spindle at angle ±90°

The lathe
The distance between the centers 500 mm
Swing over bed 260 mm
Diameter of the collet 125 mm
The size of the cutter 12×12 mm
The step of cutting metric threads 0,25-2,5 mm
The step of cutting inch threads 12-96 threads per inch

Sherline mill
Max. milling diameter end mills 10 mm
Spindle stroke 50 mm
Rotation of the spindle at angle ±90°

Sherline lathe
The distance between the centers 430 mm
Swing over bed 45 mm
Graduation of handwheel 0,01 mm
Gradation of protractor from 0° to 45° by 5°

CNC router for wood
Working field 300×500 mm, Z-height 12 mm.
Processing plywood, plastic, 3D wood.
Frequency 0.05 мм

Powder coating
The size of the stove 1200×1200×1200 mm

The size of the camera 500×500×1000 mm

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