3-axis digital gimbal

Kinematik 4K design has high reliability and capacity of up to 8 kg!

Due to variable geometry it is possible to set different combinations of cameras and lenses.

The cantilever design

allows you to keep the compactness of the stabilizer, to gain access to connectors on any side of the camera. It is possible to place camera with any width, and operative work will be provided via quick removable platform.

It takes only 5 minutes to balance the stabilizer.

Pluggable top handle*

stabilizer reduces the size to 350×300×100 mm, making it easy to transport – all device fits in a backpack or a small case.

And the presence of the quick release plate allow natively installed on the crane stabilizer / rig / vest / easy-rig without additional fasteners.

*Available as an option.

Control components

Controller and sensors are placed in safe aluminum housings that protect them from damage and moisture.

Switch button integrated into the housing, and the LED, which is located above it, indicates the switch modes or low battery.

The optimized design of the stabilizer increases the duration of one battery up to 5 hours.


Controller AlexMos STM32, in contrast to the hardware-software complex stabilizers other systems, allows fine-tuning of the stabilizer and software upgrades.

All interfaces of the controller are conveniently located on the body, making it easy to connect additional equipment (bluetooth, radio control).


Due to its modular structure, you can easily upgrade stabilizer under your new equipment – setting a new motor and guides.

In addition to that we can offer the manufacture of individual adapters / devices / fixture for your equipment, as well as personalize the stabilizer by means of engraving the name or the company name on the Kinematik body.

Technical Specification

The dimensions in the folded position:
Length: 350 mm
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg

Dimensions in working condition:
Height: 300 mm
Width: 460 mm
Depth: 270 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg (with battery pack installed)

Dimensions of supported cameras (including lens and accessories):
Height: 200 mm
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Weight: from 1.5 to 8* kg (*with optional enhanced motor axis Pitch)

Kinematik rotation axis:
Yaw: 360°
Pitch: +/- 180°
Roll: +/- 180°

The camera balancing:
5 point adjustment
Balancing can be done in 5 minutes

Power and battery:
Lithium polymer (Li-Pol) battery 24V
Time of continuous battery life: up to 5 hours (with a standard battery 2650 mAh, optional)

Three-axis controller AlexMos SimpleBGC STM32
5 different modes (switch buttons on the control unit)
Connected to Mac/PC via micro-USB port
Outputs to connect a joystick for manual control of the camera by turning in three axes (optional) and to connect the radio controller to control the camera by turning the second person (optional)
Brushless motors

Supported cameras:
DSLR-camera with a lens > 1 kg
Canon 5D mark II/III, 7D mark I/II, 60D, 70D
Nikon: D800, D600/610, other
Cinema cameras:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera / 4K
RED Epic, Scarlet
Alexa Mini

Package included:
Aluminum body frame
Brushless Motors
1x 22.2 Volt 2650MAh Battery
1x Genuine AlexMos STM32 control board made by
2 x Sensors (Up and down)
1x 110v-240v AC lipo Balance Battery Charge
Top handle
Hard case

Firmware upgradable:
All units shipped will have the latest firmware, but due to our continuous drive to innovate, firmware updates will be made available online for improved performance and future features.

Blackmagic Camera and lense are not include.
Please tell us you stuff and we prepare Kinematik 4K for your equipment.